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Eyelid drop? Try FACE YOGA Exercises! 🎬

Eyelid drop? Something that we are definitely not happy to hear, especially if we have seen the first signs or if our mom has it… then there is panic!

Before you start looking and asking for eyelid surgery, I would suggest entering the world of Face Yoga, and I promise you will be amazed!

First of all, why do we have eyelid dropping? The causes of eyelid drop are usually the following:

  • Heredity. Many times, if one of our parents has eyelid drooping, then we have a good chance of having it too.
  • Injury. Eyelid dropping can occur when the nerves or muscles around the eyelid sphincter are damaged by an injury.
  • Surgery. An eye surgery, such as cataract surgery – can cause eyelid loss due to intense muscle stretching.
  • Age. The muscles around our eyes gradually weaken as we grow older and of course we can reverse it!

In the photo below you can see that the eye clamp (with the orange color that makes a circle around the eye) is one of the very basic muscles of our face. When the upper part (upper sphincter) or the lower part (lower sphincter) relax or lose their elasticity then we have visible relaxation of the muscle and the skin, i.e., eyelid drooping.

However, like all the muscles of our body, the muscles of the eye and eyelid can also be trained! So, that’s great news because with simple and daily Face Yoga exercises with Areti Kafantari (namely, me 😂) you can greatly reverse eyelid drooping.

At the following video you will find some exercises that we can do without fear on our own every day and get the first results immediately (3-4 weeks).

If the problem of your own eyelid dropping is more serious or is related to neighboring facial muscles such as the forehead, you can send me a message and we will make your own personalized program!

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