Face Yoga for all

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What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is the most natural and effective way of antiaging. It prevents ageing and rebalances the skin and the face appearance, so you look and feel younger, healthier and more confident.

It is a holistic anti-aging method that includes a complete combination of face exercises, massage, acupressure and relaxation for the face and neck.

FACE YOGA for all!

Face Yoga for all reduces and even eliminates the face signs of ageing and tension. Either you see the first signs of ageing and fine lines or even wrinkles, the face yoga exercises and techniques will give you a healthier and glowing skin with less wrinkles.  It is never too late to start!

Face Yoga for all is also a very effective preventive tool. The sooner you start practising the method, the later you will see the signs of ageing in the face and neck area,

Face Yoga is the most effective method flood U.K, America in terms of natural antiaging.

Do you feel and see the first signs of age on your face? Fine lines are turning in to wrinkles and you start thinking of more invasive methods to stop them? Botox? Are you looking for a natural way to prevent ageing? Whatever from the above concerns you, Face Yoga techniques and exercises will give you the answer within 6-8 weeks in the most natural way!

How Face Yoga for all works?

Releases tension: through face stretching exercises, breathing techniques and massage, we release the tension from the face which unfortunately gives us a tired look on our face and creates expression wrinkles.

Face and neck exercises: Exactly like the rest of our body, our face needs exercises in order to keep our 57 face and neck muscles fit and toned. When our face muscles are toned, the skin above them is getting more elastic and the wrinkles start fading out. The best news are that these muscles can be toned fast, since the are much smaller compared to those of our rest body.

Better blood and energy circulation: massage techniques (GuaSha, Roller, hand massage) are used to increase blood circulation on the face area. Lymph works with a good flow, collagen and elastin production is increased, toxins are removed. So we get rid of dark circles, puffiness, uneven skin tone and we replace them with a glowing, healthy skin!

Acupressure: an ancient Chinese method to increase and balance the energy flow on the face. We apply pressure on specific points that help to release any face tension.