Areti Kafantari

BSc Marketing, MBA in Human Resource Management, Face Yoga expert, Holistic Nutrition consultant, Raw Food Chef

My story started when I was a little girl! I loved ballet, nature and beauty. When I had to choose my future, I departed from my dreams of becoming a famous ballerina and entered the world of business, marketing and human resources. I worked for the biggest multinational companies in the beauty industry for 18 years. Wellness, beauty and holistic life approach was my everyday life. It was then that I decided to go after my dream.

I started to study in-depth holistic nutrition, since I believe that beauty comes from within. I was trained in Face Yoga, acupuncture and more in U.K., USA and Japan.

After completing my studies, having the 18 years experience of beauty in my portfolio, a lot of practise, and the endless passion to help people become happier and prettier in the most natural way, I created my Face Yoga method, Face Yoga For all!

My personal motto is that if you dream you will succeed, and if you succeed you will dream again.

Face Yoga for all with Areti

Face Yoga for all with Areti will transform your face, in the most effective way!

Face your Face because we all have the need to feel good in our skin and confident with our face!

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