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Face Yoga for all with Areti Kafantari!

Face your Face in the most natural way

Face Yoga for all
with Areti Kafantari will transform your face!

How to learn

Select your own personalised plan to learn Face Yoga with Areti Kafantari and Face your Face in the most natural way!

Face your Face because we all have the need to feel connected and confident with our face!

28 Days Face your Face in the most natural natural way!

28 days are enough to transform your face!
Wrinkles? Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes? Double chin? Oval? Sagging?

No more! Choose your program and have the face you deserve!


During the private lessons, we analyse your face and based on its needs, we design the perfect combination of face yoga exercises. We create a tailor-made program for your face.


Group Lessons

Join us and live the unique experience of a face yoga lesson. The lesson includes face relaxation, breathing, face yoga exercises for the face and neck, massage with roller or GuaSha. See your face transforming from the first 6 lessons.

E-book Face Yoga

An e-book about everything you need to know about Face Yoga with instructions on how to use it, exercises, massage, acupressure, and relaxation.

Massage Gua Sha

GuaSha is according to traditional Chinese medicine, the beauty tool that stimulates the microcirculation through “scratching” the face skin.