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Change 5 daily habits to prevent wrinkles

We all do everything to prevent or eliminate the wrinkles on our face!

So, what if I told you that there are 5 daily habits that cause us a lot of wrinkles because we simply bring our muscles into contraction repeatedly throughout the day.  The Face Yoga solution with Areti Kafantari. In 8᾽ that lasts the following video, everything will change in your mind. Because once we realize what we do, then we can change it and – believe me – for the following habits is very simple. As you saw, the habits we do every day are:

  1. Our mobile 📱 the movement of looking at the mobile and constantly crouching looking down creates the so-called technological aging or tech neck, i.e., two large parallel lines around our neck. In this case we always support the mobile phone with our hands in a straight position with our eyes and of course we do tech neck exercises, as it is shown in the video of Face Yoga exercises for tech neck.
  2. The glass we drink water. It causes many, many wrinkles around our mouth, i.e., the so-called barcode! How will we avoid them? Of course, we will do Face Yoga exercises for the mouth and we will drink water from a glass with a large spout and not from the bottle!
  3. The glasses 😎 or more accurately, not wearing glasses, causes us a lot of wrinkles around our eyes! Get sunglasses of lighter color for winter days when we think there is no sun, but the glare is even worse. Also, for the summer invest in a good pair of sunglasses that cover the eyes very well and are big and fashionable 😉.
  4. Mascara 🐼 I’m almost sure that most of us put on mascara by looking up and this results in a lot of wrinkles on the forehead. So, either we look down and apply mascara or we just understand the movement and do not make wrinkles on the forehead.
  5. Our favorite lipstick and everything related 💄 I think that as soon as you watch the video you will laugh because we all do this movement without realizing it! So once again we realize it and we simply change it. Our lips are stretched, so that the lipstick is better applied.

All of our habits take 8 weeks to be changed and gone! So do not let another minute pass by and tell it to all of your friends! Do not forget that you can contact me for more information on the beauty topics we discuss or other beauty issues that concern you, beauty diet, face yoga, face yoga classes and beauty advice by sending me an email at [email protected]   


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