Jade Roller & Rose Quartz Roller

Why do we all need a Jade Roller ?

Jade Roller & Rose quartz Roller!

I am pretty sure that whoever is into beauty topics and trends has seen many photos and read many articles about this fantastic beauty tool!

But, make no mistake, this is one of oldest beauty trends, as its history begins in China on the 7th century!! Jade Rollers began by the female elite of China, who tried to keep their skin strong and beautiful!

Rollers are made by the beautiful stones of jade or pink quartz, which are very well known for their healing and protective properties for the skin and the energy they transmute to the body. The first ever used stone is jade, or else the “stone of heaven”! It is very popular until now for jade rollers and gua sha. When we say jade roller, we mean the stone of the roller is jade. Chinese love this type of stone for over 5,000 years. They believe it is the stone of immortality! Confucius said that it has 11 virtues, and among them are beauty, purity and clemency. In Chinese, the words referring to beauty and high ethical values have the J in them. Even beyond, jade properties were used by the Mayans and the Egyptians in order to relax the muscles during massage.

There is also a roller made from rose quartz, which is the crystal of the heart. It provides emotional stability and happiness, it strenghens the feeling of love and it reduces stress.


It is good to choose a Jade Roller that has a stone on both ends. A larger for the large areas of the face (front, cheeks, throat) and a smaller stone for the most sensitive areas of the face (eyes, mesh, lips).

My experience using Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller lasts for at least 5 years. Of course, you do not have so wait such a long time to see the amazing results! Simply, I had the chance to use it constantly during my face Yoga studies in England, which was a great experience 😂

How do I use it?

We keep in the refrigerator (which makes 3 times more amazing!)! We use it every night after cleaning our face. We clear our face very well. Then, we spread our serum and a facial oil. We get our roller from the refrigerator (We try not to eat at the meantime!), and start with upward movements massaging our face. I will soon upload a video with the moves (which are very simple). Then, we spread our evening cream. If you do want to apply a cream, it is ok, as you can stay with the oil that you put before. And of course we use it everyday. After the use, we rinse it with water and keep it clean!

Jade Roller & Rose Quartz Roller benefits

  • The care products are better absorbed by the skin, and its use increases blood microcirculation in the face.
  • Try it along with your mask! Apply your mask (those who have a cloth) and make all the Roller movements to get the best result from your mask.
  • Detoxifies the skin and leaves it brightest.
  • Significantly removal of the swellings due to blocked energy and retention of liquid and lymphatic fluids.
  • Excellent results in dark circles and swelling under the eyes (but better to choose a roller with a smaller stone).
  • Tightens the pores and stimulates the skin.
  • An anti-aging tool that makes the skin tighter and more vigorous.
  • It is the perfect evening beauty routine!!

See some videos below on how to use it:


How to find it?

There are many options online, but pay attention as the ones who are very cheap, means that the stones are not original but synthetic, and they break quite easily. Only an original stone have the healing properties required!

You can get your rollers below 😉

Jade roller & GuaSha 👉  https://amzn.to/3cHcRAU

Rose Quartz roller & GuaSha 👉  https://amzn.to/2xUQvgB

In the next article, we discuss about  Gua Sha!

I am waiting for any questions or comments you might have!!

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