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What we don’t put on our face!

What we should NOT be using on our face!

We have literally been bombarded with hundreds of trends and beauty products (and you know I love this!). These trends have now reached both ends – on the one hand the cutting edge of technology with fantastic products from Korea, France and many other countries, and on the other hand a lot of DIY with essential oils and “homemade” ingredients. Of course, I will not take a position in favor of one or the other, as I follow both with the golden rule ῾ALL THINGS IN MODERATION῾!

During holidays I had enough time to read several of your messages, to watch many blogs, many beauty influencers but also to study many dermatological researches, mainly in the field of cosmetology.

I unfortunately came to the conclusion that a lot are written mainly about DIY products that we make ourselves, which often have prohibitive ingredients for our skin or habits that we have to follow and are also prohibitive and I will explain why.

What we should NOT use on our face.

Lemon: How fantastic lemon is for our health and our body. Nevertheless, it is not so fantastic when we put it on our face. The reason is that lemon according to simple chemistry is citric acid which means that its pH is very low, i.e., about 2, while our skin has a pH of about 4-4.5. So, it’s easy to understand how much we disturb it and burden it. Moreover, it’s even more dangerous is when we have put a lemon on our face, and we go out in the sun; we risk getting burned and also making freckles. So, drink its juice, eat it, make great recipes but please don’t put it on your face!

Vaseline: I’ve found several recipes for DIY for our face and especially for dehydrated faces and I’ve also read articles on how to make your face glow; everything I’ve found contained Vaseline. However, as I will explain to you right now, I disagree with using Vaseline to the greatest extent. Vaseline, as we know very well, is a by-product of the oil refining process, so its use needs attention. Vaseline is a coating agent which means that, although it does not penetrate inside the skin due to molecular weight, it creates a film over the skin enclosing all the bacteria we have in our skin; imagine that it works as a greenhouse of bacteria and I guess it’s not what we want! This condition is very bad in case of acne. So, if you agree, let’s limit the use of Vaseline on hands, feet and lips, although in my opinion you can replace it with ointment. Learn how to make it on your own.

Baking soda: I have also found many recipes for face masks and facial scrubs with baking soda and especially for acne. I disagree in this case too, because it completely changes the pH balance of our skin but in the opposite way from lemon namely, it makes pH more alkaline and leaves our skin exposed to bacteria and other harmful factors. This can also lead to irritation and even burn on the skin. So, this is another amazing ingredient that should remain in our kitchen and not be put on our face.

Hairspray: Yes, you read it right! Hairspray is the new hit in beauty secrets; a product which is the new secret to have a flawless makeup all day according to many testimonials from make-up artists to beauty bloggers. I will not tell you if this is true or not as I guess that since everyone says so, it will probably be very effective. It’s sure though that I will not put it on my face, not even for a try! However, I tell you that it is a disgusting product according to my knowledge in the field of cosmetics and beauty for the last 18 years. The reason is that it contains a high percentage of alcohol which burdens the skin’s moisture and as a result it dehydrates the skin too much. It also clogs the pores of the skin, which means that our skin does not breathe, and bacteria find their way in our skin! It is thus better, to trust the variety of other products that exist to stabilize our makeup!

I hope I’ve helped you to have a wonderful skin, face and psychology!

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