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What is FACE YOGA?

What is Face Yoga?

Everything you need to know!

Face Yoga for all is the most natural and effective method of anti-aging and prevention for face and neck to feel and look younger and healthier! A holistic method that includes a complete combination of yoga exercises, massage, pressure and relaxation all exclusively for the face and neck area.

FACE YOGA is for everyone! Face Yoga reduces the signs of aging and tension. Whether you have the first signs of aging, or you have front lines or even wrinkles, the Face Yoga exercises and techniques with Areti Kafantari will give you a healthy and glowing face. It is never too late to start!

Face Yoga for all is also a very effective preventative measure. The earlier you start exercising the less likely you are to see signs of aging and tension on your face and neck.

It is the only natural method that has amazed England and America, the method that reduces the signs of aging and tension. Do you feel that you see the first signs of aging on your face? Wrinkles become deeper and you are thinking of more invasive methods or Botox? Or do you just want a more natural way of prevention? Whatever concerns you, the techniques and exercises of Face Yoga for all will give you a natural solution in 6-8 weeks!

How does Face Yoga work? The Face Yoga we do with Areti Kafantari

Exercises: just as our body needs exercise to stay strong, so the 57 muscles of our face and neck need frequent face yoga exercises for all. As the muscles become stronger, the skin on them becomes firmer, acquires elasticity and wrinkles fade. The good news is that it’s easier to work out the face muscles, because they are much smaller and thinner.

Massage: with the techniques of Face Yoga for all for the face and neck massage, the blood circulation increases, the lymph is activated, the production of collagen and elastin increases, and the toxins are removed. This reduces dark circles, puffiness and dull skin, leaving a youthful and healthy complexion.

Accupressure: an ancient method that is done by applying pressure with your fingers to specific areas of the face and neck, increasing the flow of energy to the face, reducing the intensity and giving intense glow.

Relaxation: Knowing how to relax the tension of the face, we avoid strong lines of expression and wrinkles that are usually created by stress and intense expressions.

Well-being: The holistic approach to total happiness that is created when we dedicate time to ourselves. What happens inside us is what we reflect outside!

How can I take Face Yoga classes with Areti Kafantari?

How should I attend Face Yoga classes?

Initially, an individual lesson is arranged to create the appropriate program of Face Yoga exercises for you, according to your individual needs. Then you can continue with individual lessons or join the group lessons of FACE YOGA FOR ALL, until you learn to do all your Face Yoga exercises correctly and safely.


You can attend the lessons from your home, via ZOOM!

We also have certified teachers who continue the training and lessons of Face Yoga for all method, who can be your instructors and I mention them below because I recommend them exclusively. The reason I insist is for you to get the best results!

Face Yoga for all Teachers:

Darmi Sophia

Karagiorgou Fotini

Kaisari Salvation

Plakoureli Elsa

Marini Maria

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