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Drink some more water!

Do you drink enough water? And what kind of water do you drink?

I keep repeating that we need to drink plenty of filtered water. The reason is very simple and well known. Water flushes toxins from our system and improves the condition of our skin. Also do not forget that 70% of our body is comprised of water. I know you may be thinking that this is not something new, and that you may already be drinking plenty of water every day, but I would like to ask you how do you drink your water? With ice? cold? at room temperature? never?

If you want your body to function properly and have a really healthy and glowing skin, I recommend hot water! It is one of the simplest secrets even to lose weight! Why?

Well, think of what you do when you want to rinse your dirty dishes. You use your dishwasher, which rinses the dishes with hot water. The exact same thing applies to cleanse both your face and body!

Imagine your body. When you get up in the morning, your stomach is very hungry and wants to eliminate all the waste of its evening digestion and detoxification. Drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach. If you have a bowel movement problem, it can work like magic! In the morning our body is in fast operation and tends to absorb everything much better, so before eating breakfast remember to cleanse your body! Another good time to drink hot water is just before going to bed.

And what will be the results of this routine, after one month?

1. Your body will have removed the toxins

2. Your metabolism will be boosted and the first extra pounds will be gone

3. The indigestion you cause from acidic gastric fluid but also reflux (heartburn) will have subsided

4. Our skin, hair and teeth will have become much shinier and healthier

5. Our immune system will have been significantly strengthened

6. You will have avoided kidney stones

7. The cramps of the period will have decreased

8. You will have the best ally in anti-aging

9. Acne and dark spots will be reduced

10. And of course you will be full of energy

Cleanse your system!

Water increases vitality, energy level, concentration and endurance and results in less sensitivity to exhaustion and stress.

Water helps the flow of energy in the body, and hot water can help even more. Hot water relaxes your body and increases blood circulation.

The little known secret:

Every morning, add the juice of a lemon in your water, and if you do not like the very sour taste you can add a tablespoon of honey or even turmeric.

Try it, let’s see how it goes and I’m waiting for your feedback!

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