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The 4 unusual beauty tips!

Here is a perfect, different and beautiful article about 4 unusual beauty tips!!

Those of us who are beauty lovers and even beauty junkies (and I’m talking about myself, who I definitely am 😂) I imagine that we spend hours to search for new trends in products and beauty gadgets. So today I’m not going to tell you about the cutting edge of technology in cosmetics, but about 4 simple habits that can change our beauty for the better!

I will write less than usual to make sure you read them carefully. Ready??? May I start???

  1. Humidifiers

Although the past few years we have become accustomed to dehumidifiers, it is time to talk about humidifiers. The ultimate moisturizing “product” for our skin! The regulation of humidity in the space where we live and work, works perfectly to moisturize our face in addition to our overall health. Therefore, they are ideal to keep our skin supple, especially during the winter months, when the air is dry. Leave your humidifier on while you sleep, and you will wake up with a beautiful, hydrated skin. It brings a new meaning to the term “sleeping beauty”!

  1. Clean water

Think of the time we enjoy relaxing under the shower water. Our hair and facial skin enjoy the cleanliness but (here there is a big but ..) large amounts of chlorine and toxins follow your enjoyment. I do not want to scare you because it is very simple! We enjoy our shower normally and, in the end, we have a bowl of clean water to simply rinse our face. We can have clean water from a filter in our tap or a much simpler and cheaper way is to use a jug of water with a filter.

  1. Put silk in your life

Silk works wonders for your skin and hair! Due to the fact that it is a natural material, it is hypoallergenic (good!). Also, it is full of amino acids (really good!). And there are more… It absorbs moisture and adapts to all temperatures. A silk pillowcase will reduce the friction of our skin by 45%. And this becomes even more fantastic when you get a sleeping mask, so your eyes are completely protected. Enjoy your silk beauty with a sleeping mask and a pillowcase.

You can get MOLLA.GR silk sleep masks at a good price. They are Greek and painted with 100% natural colors from herbs and plants. They are unique and of course my favorites. Read more about the benefits of Beauty Sleep.

silk mask Face Yoga


  1. Face Yoga

The most natural and effective method of anti-aging and prevention for your face and neck to feel and look younger and healthier! A holistic method that includes a complete combination of yoga exercises, massage, pressure and relaxation all exclusively for the face and neck area.

How does Face Yoga work? Just as our body needs exercise to stay strong, so the 57 muscles of our face and neck need frequent exercise. As the muscles become stronger, the skin on them becomes firmer, acquires elasticity and wrinkles fade. And the good news is that because the muscles are much smaller and thinner, they work out more easily.

According to the latest studies about daily practice of Face Yoga, we can look 3 years (read the post) younger and even more 😉.

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