5 “less” for our face skincare!

We always talk about the more we need to buy or do for our face. But have you ever wondered what less you can do for your face?

I work on my face all day, and search for new products and trends. Also, I have my daily routine with Face Yoga exercises that I do during my lessons and at home. Nevertheless, I always try to find what less I can do in the routine of my face, in order to rest my face and let it do its job on its own. Think about that! Like in many other things (especially moms 😉!), we tend to rush for our face skincare and want to do everything ourselves instead of leaving it to also work on its own!

Take a few breaths, connect with your face, listen to it and have confidence that it will function on its own as well.

The 5 less things our face needs (and I’m sure you will add more to the list) are:

  1. Less washing. Yes, you read it right! Less washing because excessive washing with water or even emulsion creates an imbalance in the pH of our skin resulting in making it drier or oilier. I have heard many times in Face Yoga classes that “I wash my face at least 3 times a day because it has become very oily”! My answer is that the more you wash it, the oilier it will become! Never forget that our skin lipids create the best moisturizing face cream tailored to our need. So, I am NOT saying do not clean your face, just don’t overdo it when washing it.
  2. Less rubbing. We have a tendency to rub our face more than normal in order to either apply makeup, or clean it, or apply scrub. By rubbing, our skin cells are largely destroyed, leaving our skin exposed.
  3. Less complex products. We are all looking for products that do everything and benefit us! For example, a product that helps in hydration, anti-aging, sun protection, makeup and has a thin texture 🤪. Even if you find it (where you will find it…) do not trust it because it is like you want to eat an apple that has all the vitamins, trace elements and enzymes together. Each of our needs requires a well-balanced product. And do not forget to prioritize the needs of your face.
  4. Less products. Yes, this is a great truth. Many different ingredients often weigh on our face and we do not know what is wrong with us. My advice is fewer products, start a new product at a time, so that if you have a problem you know which product caused it. Also, change your products often. Personally, as many of you know, I use several products every day, but I have divided them into needs, at different times of the day and I change them very often. 😉
  5. Less products of our friend. This is so important. Our friend’s favorite cream and favorite makeup does not mean that it will become our favorite too. The reason is simple; every skin has a different texture; different needs and we have a different daily routine. Always ask for samples of the new creams you want to try and apply to the makeup product you are considering buying. Regarding makeup, I would suggest doing a test on the products but do not buy them that day. See the result after 4-5 hours and if it satisfies you then buy them with great pleasure.

I had no intent to write so much, but as it also happens with Face Yoga, when I start talking, I can’t stop!

I look forward to hearing from you and to do Face Yoga exercises together on ZOOM.

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