The 4 unusual beauty tips!

face yoga - 4 beauty tips

Here is a perfect, different and beautiful article about 4 unusual beauty tips!! Those of us who are beauty lovers and even beauty junkies (and I’m talking about myself, who I definitely am 😂) I imagine that we spend hours to search for new trends in products and beauty gadgets. So today I’m not going […]

FACE YOGA exercises in 5′

αρετή ασκήσεις faceyoga δακτυλοπίεση

This article and video with Face Yoga exercise in 5’ are for everyone! Face Yoga exercises with Areti Kafantari (i.e., me 😉) in 5᾽ for the face and neck! These are the exercises with which you can start Face Yoga for the first time, the exercises that can help you get a good result. Also, […]

Homemade face scrub with almond oil and chamomile

σπιτικό scrub

The time has come to give you a recipe for homemade face scrub with almond oil and chamomile! In almost all my Face Yoga lessons I repeat that facial cleansing is very important for the beauty and health of our skin. You know why? Because, our skin is renewed every 28 days, keeping the dead […]