Eyelid drop? Try FACE YOGA Exercises! 🎬

Face Yoga Areti Kafantari eyes

Eyelid drop? Something that we are definitely not happy to hear, especially if we have seen the first signs or if our mom has it… then there is panic! Before you start looking and asking for eyelid surgery, I would suggest entering the world of Face Yoga, and I promise you will be amazed! First […]

Everything we need to know about lymph!

Gua Sha Face Yoga

We often hear the words lymph, lymphatic massage, lymphedema, facial drainage and more. All these are related to a common feature and that is the Lymph! Let’s start by explaining what a lymph is according to science. (wikipedia) Lymph is the intercellular fluid found in the lymphatic system and around vertebrate tissues. The total volume […]

Say goodbye to the wrinkles of the mouth 🎬

Have you ever heard about the term face barcode or mouth barcode? It is the term we use quite often in facial anatomy and in face yoga to describe the lines-wrinkles we make around the mouth, which really look like a barcode if you pay attention to them! Of course, the fundamental question at this […]

FACE YOGA – Video🎬

διατάσεις face yoga video μάτι αρετής

Do you know that our face needs stretching? The answer is yes, of course! Why? Because our face is made up of 57 muscles that need to stretch! Also think that our face has only 4 of the 5 senses so the intensity that accumulates is great and unfortunately, we do not understand it… So, […]

What we don’t put on our face!

areti kafantari not in our face

What we should NOT be using on our face! We have literally been bombarded with hundreds of trends and beauty products (and you know I love this!). These trends have now reached both ends – on the one hand the cutting edge of technology with fantastic products from Korea, France and many other countries, and […]

FACE YOGA exercises in 5′

αρετή ασκήσεις faceyoga δακτυλοπίεση

This article and video with Face Yoga exercise in 5’ are for everyone! Face Yoga exercises with Areti Kafantari (i.e., me 😉) in 5᾽ for the face and neck! These are the exercises with which you can start Face Yoga for the first time, the exercises that can help you get a good result. Also, […]

Antioxidant face mask with MATCHA NINJA

matcha ninja face mask

Learn how to make an Antioxidant face mask with MATCHA NINJA As we have said many times in the past, we put on our face only ingredients that we could also eat! Matcha Ninja is not only for eating or drinking! Everyone talks about the value of antioxidants and especially about matcha ninja. How can […]

Drink some more water!

water heart

Do you drink enough water? And what kind of water do you drink? I keep repeating that we need to drink plenty of filtered water. The reason is very simple and well known. Water flushes toxins from our system and improves the condition of our skin. Also do not forget that 70% of our body […]

Homemade face scrub with almond oil and chamomile

σπιτικό scrub

The time has come to give you a recipe for homemade face scrub with almond oil and chamomile! In almost all my Face Yoga lessons I repeat that facial cleansing is very important for the beauty and health of our skin. You know why? Because, our skin is renewed every 28 days, keeping the dead […]

Natural Lifting with GUA SHA!

Gua Sha

What is this natural Lifting or Botox of the East that everyone is talking about? We have talked about Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller, and why should we all have one in our refrigerator! But we wouldn’t be right, regarding the most important steps of skincare if we don’t talk or use, at least […]

Why do we all need a Jade Roller ?

Jade Roller & Rose quartz Roller! I am pretty sure that whoever is into beauty topics and trends has seen many photos and read many articles about this fantastic beauty tool! But, make no mistake, this is one of oldest beauty trends, as its history begins in China on the 7th century!! Jade Rollers began […]

How does our face react to the blue light of technology?

Digital aging? Mobiles, iPads, electronic watches, and computers have already conquered a large part of our everyday life! I read in a recent survey that we are attached to our mobile on average 2 hours per day 🤨! And not to mention that it is estimated that Millennials check their cell phones on average 150 […]