KANSA WAND – Ayurveda on our face!

kansa wand by areti kafantari

Do you know what KANSA WAND is? I have been using it intensively on my face for the last few months and I will tell you everything I saw and learned about this ancient beauty tool from India. The KANSA WAND is a wooden massage tool from Ayurveda with a history of over 5,000 years […]

Galactomyces! 🤓

galactomyces - areti kafantari

Why are Galactomyces essential to our skin? There are quite a few ingredients that we hear about, or we might even put them on our face. What if there are also some others that we do not know so well, but deserve our attention as well? For me, the answer is definitely Yes. There are, […]

How to choose the right products

Τι συστατικά θέλει το δέρμα μου

Not all products are good for our skin! Our skin has its own needs and we should use the right products to protect it! After the great success and interest in Ask me Why – Episode 4 “How to make my own beauty routine”, I decided to write another article – as simple to understand […]

Create your own beauty routine!

Your skincare routine

Learn how to create your own beauty skincare routine! Face Yoga is what I know best and love! It taught me the importance of making our own beauty routine! We all need to take care of our face in the most natural and effective way! #faceyourfaceinthemostnaturalway During my journey with Face Yoga, I never stop […]

FACE YOGA τι είναι πόσο καλό μας κάνει.

Σήμερα θα μιλήσουμε για την FACE YOGA, τι είναι πόσο καλό μας κάνει και που μπορούμε να μάθουμε όλα τα μυστικά της. Η αλήθεια είναι πως όταν το άκουσα για πρώτη φορά μου έκανε τόσο μεγάλη εντύπωση που ήθελα να το δω με τα μάτια μου και να το δοκιμάσω. Η συστάσεις ήταν απίστευτες παρόλα […]

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