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Everything we need to know about lymph!

We often hear the words lymph, lymphatic massage, lymphedema, facial drainage and more.

All these are related to a common feature and that is the Lymph!

Let’s start by explaining what a lymph is according to science. (wikipedia)

Lymph is the intercellular fluid found in the lymphatic system and around vertebrate tissues. The total volume of lymph in an adult is estimated at 1-2 liters.

The lymph is typically a clear fluid, which coagulates when it leaves the lymphatics because it contains coagulants similar to blood. Its composition varies depending on the part of the body where it is located. Mostly it is 95% water, proteins, glucose and salts with large numbers of leukocytes and mainly lymphocytes.

In simple words it is our drainage system (except the intestine) and we must take care of it very well and correctly.

Those of us who work with the face, know that the proper functioning of the lymph is very important, in order to avoid puffiness, swelling mainly under the eyes and a swollen face in general.

You may get more information in another amazing article (this is nice 😂) written by the fantastic Natassa Berekou in collaboration with me at tlife. Read the article here.

Two of the naturally ideal tools for the lymph are the Guasha and the roller about which you can read the related articles in our blog.

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