matcha ninja face mask

Antioxidant face mask with MATCHA NINJA

Learn how to make an Antioxidant face mask with MATCHA NINJA

As we have said many times in the past, we put on our face only ingredients that we could also eat!

Matcha Ninja is not only for eating or drinking! Everyone talks about the value of antioxidants and especially about matcha ninja. How can we eat it or add it in a smoothie? This time I will tell you how to make an antioxidant face mask with Matcha Ninja! But first things first!

Our skin is the largest human organ, and it covers the whole body.  It is the organ that comes in direct contact with the environment. Its complexity and magic are great.

Due to the fact that the skin comes in direct contact with the external environment, it has certain properties, which are necessary for the survival of the individual. It is impervious to most harmful organisms and chemicals and it does not allow the external loss of fluids. Also, it protects the human body, through the melanin from the harmful effects of the sun. The skin is an external non-specific defense mechanism. (source wikipedia)

And while it does all these awesome things, and deserves the best treatment from us to operate properly, it has some serious “enemies”. The pollution of the environment and the oxidative stress create many free radicals that lead to change of the skin tone, dehydration, dryness, dark spots, accelerated ageing, wrinkles, relaxation and collagen deterioration.

How will we overcome all these??? With our well-known and miraculous antioxidants!

So we will make an antioxidant mask with matcha ninja which is one of the best antioxidants to eat, and also put on our face!

Antioxidant face mask with MATCHA NINJA

The best face mask is with matcha ninja! It is antioxidant, cleanser, soothing; it quenches the pores, soothes acne and more. For every skin type you now have the best DIY face mask.


1 tbsp. powder matcha ninja

2 tbsp. yoghurt

1/2 tbsp. liquid honey (optional for those with dry skin)


Put the matcha ninja in a bowl and pour the yogurt. Stir for 1᾽ and then add the yogurt and stir until it becomes a uniform paste.
Apply the mask on the face with a brush and leave it on for 15᾽.
Rinse the face with lukewarm water without rubbing it and wipe with a swab.
We continue with our face cream.

You can apply the mask 1-2 times per week and you will see great results on your face. And do not forget that it is perfectly combined with a prior 5᾽Face Yoga exercises for the whole face.

See all the Face Yoga exercises here!

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