Blue Light is an ageing factor?

How does our face react to the blue light of technology?

Digital aging?

Mobiles, iPads, electronic watches, and computers have already conquered a large part of our everyday life!

I read in a recent survey that we are attached to our mobile on average 2 hours per day 🤨! And not to mention that it is estimated that Millennials check their cell phones on average 150 times per day! Other age groups use it at least 6 times! We are in front of a computer long enough to start worrying about the serious impact it has on our skin! Yes, exactly! On OUR SKIN! What we know until now, is that blue light disrupts our sleep and makes us more nervous. Thus, it suggested that we do not look at screens 2 hours before going to sleep. This is also a tip for living a happiest life from the book of Ikigai.

Let’s start from the beginning

The blue light, also known as HEV (High-Energy Visible Light), is almost as detrimental as sunlight (UVA and UVB). Blue radiation emits at 380-500nm. That’s why it is characterized by shorter wavelengths but with more energy. The visible radiation penetrates the skin deeper than UVA and UVB, and it is revealed that it produces more free radicals than UVA and UVB together. This increases the production of so-called oxidative stress (ROS), which is harmful to the skin and our health, in general.

Also, oxidation is borne by the natural skin barrier and so, it cannot hold the moisture, making our skin vulnerable to environmental attacks.

Results? The skin shows visible signs of ageing, hyper-complement, blur and fine lines or wrinkles.

And even more specifically:

Do you know that 8 hours work in front of the computer screen causes the same problems as the 20-minute exposure to afternoon sun?

But, as everything has two sides, I want to clarify that blue light already exists in our lives as it is emitted by the sun and it is vital to the proper functioning of our organisation. The problem starts from its artificial form, which causes serious problems in the skin and within our organisation.

So pay close attention, because eventually the price for getting exposed to artificial light is more expensive than we thought.

I was lucky to work for many years in the cosmetics industry, until I have started Face Yoga. There, I learned that there are already cosmetics that protect you from blue light. I am sure that many more are coming soon, due to the huge need regardless of the age group we belong to.

But until you find the right product, here are some tips for you to protect yourself:

First of all, we start from our eyes (SOS)!

I suggest that you make sufficient breaks away from screens.

Make sure to put artificial tears or ophthalmic drops in your eyes, that you can find in the pharmacy. Some of them have a natural teary membrane and vitamins that rejuvenate the eyes,  soothe them from dryness, moisturise and lubricate them.
Put filters on the screens and settings to reduce blue light on mobile, tablet and computers.
Drink a lot of water
Eat several antioxidant foods and foods high in vitamin C. Here is the moment to try ACAI Bowl (see the recipe here)
Sleep enough
Detoxify from electronic devices for 1 hour daily or 1 day per week (Believe me you will be amazed!)

Contact me for any questions you might have, and until then I am waiting for you at Face Yoga courses in Zoom!

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