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We say goodbye to expression wrinkles, to permanent ones, without a scalpel! With Face Yoga exercises, we prevent our face wrinkles, and we reduce them in a natural way! Read everything about the effective anti-aging method, without a scalpel at by Niki Bakouli!  

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Face Yoga is the most natural and effective method of anti-aging Read at which exercises, acupressures, and massage help to get a firm skin without wrinkles!  

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What is Face Yoga? What are its benefits for our face? At you can read how it helps you prevent and eliminate wrinkles and get a younger look at your face and feel rejuvenated in the most natural way!  

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There is one superfood that works like an anti-aging cream Areti Kafantari, No.1 Face Yoga expert, Raw food chef & Skin care coach explains the beneficial properties of pomegranate. This is a superfood that essentially contributes to the fight against wrinkles and the good health of the skin! Read more at

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Face Yoga was created for you! Angela Molfeta writes at about Face Yoga. She explains how it works and why it has countless fans worldwide! The most natural and effective method for a youthful, radiant and relaxed face without wrinkles!  

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What 5 daily habits cause us wrinkles? We have said it on the blog and it is confirmed by Patia Iordanidou, Beauty Editor of There are everyday things we do that are an enemy to our face! If you want a wrinkle-free face, read how to change these 5 daily habits here.  

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Face Yoga is the no. 1 beauty trend! The natural method of firming and toning the face is the new botox. Read at the article of Georgia Drakaki for the benefits of Face Yoga on the skin of our face! Get a rejuvenated face without wrinkles in the most natural way!  

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With the right face massage, the skin becomes gets a younger look and becomes more radiant Read at the advice of Areti Kafantari for a rejuvenated face, without wrinkles and without botox!

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5 minutes are enough for a natural facelift! Dedicate 5 minutes doing the appropriate Face Yoga exercises and watch your face change In Madame Figaro, Areti Kafantari shows Zeta Tsakoumi how Face Yoga exercises replace face lifting. In the most natural and non-invasive way.

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Face Yoga exercises for pimples on the face Natasa Berekou guides us in the world of Face Yoga. Areti Kafantari shows us what exercises we can do to have a face without pimples! See them at

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Replace botox with Face Yoga Transform your face in the most natural way! A Face Yoga class was enough to convince Antonia Thomopoulou and of the benefits and effectiveness of Face Yoga. The natural method of eliminating wrinkles and rejuvenating facial skin without the use of botox is supported by women and beauty editors […]